Touchable Earth is the first app where kids teach kids about the world. It is entirely taught by 8-11 year old kids in short videos. Touchable Earth promotes tolerance for gender, culture, and identity.

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Touchable Earth has won multiple awards from the United Nations including recognition as the top app in the world to promote intercultural dialogue and one of the top 25 e-learning apps across all categories.

It is freely available as a home or classroom resource to teach global citizenship.

We introduce children to the world in a context they can understand.  This includes topics such as play, school, family life, and cultural activities.

It humanizes the subjects and challenges the definition of ‘us’ and ‘them’. By introducing children to the world in such a positive way we pique their curiosity and set them on a path of a lifetime of learning.

Winner of the United Nations AOC app competition

Shortlisted global finalist m-Learning & Education category

Special mention in Asia’s largest ICT competition

Our most valued partner, the largest not for profit schools network in the world