Girls’ Clothing

The girls are wearing traditional clothing from different regions of India.

Hello, my name is Priyanka Varke. I’m studying in fourth club. I’m in City Pride School. I’m from Rajasthan, this is the Rajasthan costume. Bye! Hello, my name is Krishi. I am in Third Wisdom. I am studying in City Pride School . This is my Gujarat costume. Bye! Namaskar. My name is Mehek Santushaha. I am in Third Standard. I am Maharashtrian. This costume is of Mahasthrian. (Sings song) Bye! Hello, I am Urshita. I am from Standard First. I am in City Pride School. I’m wearing the Kela costume. Bye! Hi! My name is Spriha Bahme. Today I am going to do the Bengali thing. (Greeting) This is called a Bengali costume. Thank you! Bye bye!

Due to the huge diversity in India there are many different styles of traditional clothes.

Girls’ Clothing
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