This is Anoushka’s Grade 5 class. What subject are they studying today?

My name is Anoushka. Today we are going to learn creative writing. This is my teacher Sheetal Karandikar. Teacher: Hello. Hi! Anoushka: This is my class. Class: Hi!!! (Everybody laughs) Teacher: Okay class. Today we’re going to have creative writing. I have put up a topic in the blackboard. I want you to guess what it is. If the ‘?’ came to the ‘?’. Student 1: If the guest came to the class? Teacher: Not really, but good idea, but not really. Student 2: If the car came to the mechanic? (Class laughs) Teacher: Someone else? Yes? Student3: If the aliens come to the earth? Teacher: Very creative for creative writing. I’ll give you a clue. Now, with this clue, this word starts with a ‘W’ and the other one with ‘S’. Yes, Anisha? Student 4: If the writer comes to our school. Teacher: If the writer comes to our school? No, I have something else in mind. Dajel?Student 5: If the world came to a stop? Teacher: The first word is correct. Let’s clap for Dajel! (Class claps) The world came to a… Can anyone think of another word for stop? Another word for stop… Yes Ketke? Student 6: School? Teacher: Another word for stop is school? (Class laughs) No, no. Mehil? Student 7: Stay? Teacher: Stay? A little beyond that. Yes? Student 8: Stand? Teacher: Stand? And extend that word a little bit? Student 9: Standing? Teacher: Extend this word a bit. Something else other than to stand. Yes, Aori? Anushka? Student 10: ‘i n g’? Teacher: no. Three more letters left. Come on! Come on! More hands! I want some more hands! I want some more people to answer. Anika? come on… Student 11: Standstill! Teacher: Yes! Clap for him! (Class Claps)

Classes are taught in English but the students also learn Hindi, German, and Sanskrit.

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