Isha and Birendra welcome you to Nepal! What is the population of Nepal?

Namaste and welcome to Nepal. My name is Isatap and I study in Grade 7. Nepal lies between the two biggest countries of the world, India and China. The population of Nepal is 27 million approximately. The capital city of Nepal is Kathmandu. Once again, welcome to Nepal. Group: Welcome to Nepal! Good morning! My name is Birendra.I am 13 years old. My country’s name is Nepal. Nepal is situated in between the two large countries China and India. Kathmandu is Capital city of Nepal. It has a 27 million person population. Lastly, our greetings and best wishes to all of you from Nepal. Bye!! Group: Welcome to Nepal!

The red paint on the forehead is known as tikka and is worn for cultural purposes. The kids had it on today as it was ‘Teachers Day’ and the kids had a ceremony honoring their teachers.

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