Dominica is eating pancakes. What are they made of?

Hello! My name is Dominica and I will tell you about pancakes. Pancakes are considered to be one of the favorite Russian dishes. How did they appear? This is one of the versions of their appearing. Once our ancestor cooked oatmeal kissel and quite forgot about it. And the kissel was fried and became brown. So the first pancake appeared. According to the tradition, you must eat pancakes with hands because they look like the sun. You mustn’t eat them with a knife or with a fork as it is believed that there will be trouble. People will be punished if they eat pancakes with a fork. Pancakes are also cooked abroad, but there are different methods in different countries. Some people eat them with cheese, some with fish, some with mushrooms. The best pancakes are with caviar. We have hundreds of recipes in Russia. Ah, goodbye! Goodbye.

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