Afrikaans Language

Misha speaks Afrikaans. How do you say hello in Afrikaans?

Hi! I’m Misha! I’m in Sand Du Plessis school. I’m gonna learn you to count in Afrikaans to 10. ‘1’ is ‘een’. ‘2’ is ‘twee’. ‘Three’ is ‘drie’. ‘4’ is ‘vier’. ‘5’ is ‘vyf’. ‘6’ is ‘ses’. 7′ is ‘sewe’. ‘8’ is ‘agt’. ‘9’ is ‘nege’. ’10’ is ‘tien’. Thank you! Bye! Hi I’m Nanai and I’m from Sand Du Plessis Primary in South Africa. I’m going to teach you some Afrikaans interaction. ‘Haai’ is ‘Hello’. ‘How are you’? is ‘Hoe gaan dit met jou’?. ‘I’m good’, ‘dit gaan goed met my, en jou?’. ‘My name is Nanei’ is ‘My naam is Nanai’. ‘Thank you’ is ‘Danke’. “Bye” is “Bye”.And bye!

When Nanai teaches you how to say ‘I am fine’ she also says ‘en jou’? at the end. Im Afrikaans it is very important to always ask the person how they are after they ask how you are.

Afrikaans Language
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