Wiaan and Strauss like to play hockey. Did their team win their last game?

Both: Hello! Wiaan: I’m Wiaan. Strauss: I’m Strauss. Wiaan: We like playing hockey. Strauss: And we are both 12. Wiaan: We both play defenders, A team of the school. Strauss: We almost win yesterday, but we just lost. Wiaan: By five goals. Strauss: I’m going to tell you about the rules of hockey. This is a hockey stick. Once side is flat and the other side is round. You can only hit the ball with the flat side like this. The rules of hockey is there are only two teams in hockey, and you can’t lift the hockey stick above your shoulders, otherwise its another penalty. Wiaan: Hi guys! I’m gonna teach you some dribbling. (Cheers) Goal!

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