Linda is in Grade 4. What subject is she learning?

Hi! My name is Linda and I’m in grade 4. Today I’m learning English and my teacher is Miss Pewa. Teacher: Good morning learners. Class: Good morning teacher and good morning classmates! Teacher: Okay, as you know, today we are going to learn about jogging. OK? Class: Yes. Teacher: So we need to know how to survive jogging in the city. Alright? All of you read those Class: Pavements Teacher: Again Class: Pavements Teacher: Pavements. What are pavements? Student: That is the sides of the streets. Everyone: That is the sides of the street. Teacher: Who walks on the pavements? Student: You walk on the pavement when you go to school. Teacher: Whenever you’re going to school who walks on the pavement? Class: The pedestrians Teacher: The pedestrians must always walk on the what? Class: On the pavement. Teacher: The pedestrians, say it Together: The pedestrians must always walk on the pavements. Teacher: Okay, alright. Here’s another word.

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