Sangelo is in Grade 4. What subject is he studying today?

Hi! I’m Sangelo and I’m in Grade 4 and I’m in Lakeview Full Service Primary School and we are learning mathematics. Teacher: Alright Good morning class Class: Good morning Teacher and good morning classmates. Teacher: And how are you this morning? Class: We are fine thank you teacher, and how are you teacher? Class: I’m fine thank you. Alright, today we are going to learn about mathematics and multiplications. So before we start is anyone not feeling well today? Class: No. [Teacher] Are you all well? Class: Yes. Teacher: Good. Ok. Now let me start. Do you still remember yesterday we teach the multiplications and the breaking down of numbers? Do you still remember that? [Class] Yes. Teacher: Good. So we continue are lesson today by continuing with our previous lesson, ok? So for today we are leaning 14 multiply by 6. Can you also see that? Class: Yes. Teacher: Say so. Class: 14 multiply by 6. Teacher: Right, you know all the steps now, isn’t it? Class: Yes. Teacher: Right, what memory do you have if we have these two digits? Sangelo? Sangelo: You break down to the nearest tens Teacher: We break down. Can you repeat for us what we do from here? Sangelo: We break down to the nearest tens. Teacher: Either we break down to the nearest tens or we write to get tens. Okay, so for now we are going to break these two numbers. The tens and the? Class: Units Teacher: Good!

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