Next Steps

Our 3 areas of focus are:


  • Platforms: Add Windows, and Web.
  • Language: Multilingual translations.
  • Functionality: Add literacy learning tools


  • Add new places and geographic spread


  • Promote availability and usage of the app


Touchable Earth is a non profit entity.

Donating to Touchable Earth enables us to grow the project through our develop, create, engage model.

Donors receive recognition in the app and at higher levels receive personalized thank you photos and videos from students.

It is also possible to sponsor the creation of a chapter on a particular place.


In 2017 we want more kids benefitting from the app.

We are happy to discuss partnership opportunities.

This includes from schools who would like to use the program (next version is free in developing countries), or from other organizations that promote global citizenship, girls’ education, literacy, or access to technology.