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Original videos from 25 communities from around the world
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Interactive activities and resources for every learning style
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Lesson builder to build your own lessons
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Lesson plans, printables and resources aligned to your curriculum
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Trusted by teachers around the world

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Why Touchable Earth

Hours spent
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Hours spent
making a lesson

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Minutes spend
creating unique lessons

Clips of kids their own age

Bite-sized information

Engaging activities everyone will love

Features & Benefits

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Bite-sized video lessons

Plug-and-play video lessons aligned with your curriculum that show daily life, traditions, games, and so much more around the world



Blended classroom

Gamified activities that hone cross-disciplinary skills allow students to learn independently
in-n-out of the classroom!

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high-quality resources



High quality resources

Explore our library of lessons, clips, activities, photos, discussion points, group activities, printables and more to create the perfect lesson every time

Lesson planning made... global

Discover lessons, original videos, activities, games and resources to engage every student!

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How it works

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Why teachers love touchble earth

Respect for broader and different cultural values makes possible dialog that might otherwise never happen. I am much encouraged by what I see in the Internet and its applications like touchable.earth. As communication and computing infrastructure becomes more affordable and available, they cannot help but unleash the ideas of young minds too young to know you can’t do that! I wish I were eight years old again
Vint Cerf
Vint Cerf
American Tech Pioneer, "Father of the internet"
The kind of change Touchable Earth makes possible could not be more urgent and critical. It is essential for Peace and Sustainability. School systems around the world have embraced an approach to improvement that is excessively focused on the development of a narrow range of cognitive skills: literacy, numeracy and science. Important as those are they miss the mark. What schools most urgently need is not to get better at achieving the goals of the past, it is to stay relevant in helping students gain the skills that enable them to invent the future, and to do it in a way that appropriately address the challenges of our times.
Professor Fernando Reimers
Professor Fernando Reimers
Harvard University, Director of the Global Education Innovation Initiative
touchable.earth is a second passport for every child. It grants citizenship based on shared values of curiosity and inclusiveness. I’m a refugee who experienced exclusion first hand based on my political status. My children are also refugees but in touchable.earth they are first and foremost children – just like yours.
Khalid Albeih
Khalid Albeih


Who uses Touchable Earth?

Teachers use Touchable Earth to create lesson plans, assign activities and browse unique resources from around the world to teach a variety of subjects:

  • Social Studies
  • Music & Arts
  • Geography
  • History
  • World Languages
  • And more

Students - to take activities and lessons that teachers have assigned to them!

How do I use Touchable Earth?

When you sign-in to Touchable Earth you will enter a world of endless

Our learning design team has transformed your curriculum into a journey of clips, activities and games that you can take your students on.

There are 3 main types of resources:

  1. Videos - kids 8-10 years old around the world explaining one piece about their place (school, family, games, cultures, music and more)
  2. Activities - interactive activities that hone cross-disciplinary skills
  3. Offline resources: printables, worksheets, discussion topics, activity suggestions and more.

You can browse by topic, place, learning objective, or subject.

What types of activities will you find?

Multiple-choice quizzes are out (although you will find these too!)… fun activities are in.
Inside Touchable Earth you will find:

  • Essay
  • World could
  • Drag the Words
  • Multiple Choice
  • True or False
  • Multipoll
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Sort the paragraphs
  • Single-choice set
  • Mark the Words
  • Crosswords
  • Interactive videos and

sooo many more! 

Do you have any more material?

Absolutely - in the treasure trove teachers can find:

  • Printables & Worksheets
  • Discussion topics
  • Group activities
  • Trusted resources
  • And a lot more

To create the perfect lesson, every time!

Is Touchable Earth compatible with my LMS?

You can embed videos and activities into your LMS by copying and pasting their embed code.

How much does it cost?

We offer a free trial to all teachers for 14 days.

After that you can explore our pricing options here!

*Terms & Conditions Apply. Pricing may change without notice. All prices are in United States Dollars.

Is Touchable Earth safe?

Yes, your data is never going to be sold or used without your permission. You can find our privacy policy here

Is Touchable Earth a non-profit?

Yes, Touchable Earth was made to promote global citizenship education and support children’s education around the world.

We provide all our content for free to more than 100,000 educators and students in developing countries.

Can Touchable Earth adapt to our unique curriculum / pedagogy style in our school?


We love helping teachers save time and integrate a global prespective to their curriculum
Get in touch with us here, if you are looking for custom learning journeys designed to your curriculum and pedagogy.

Journey to the world...

Discover lessons, original videos, activities, games and resources to engage every student!