Lesson plan in minutes. Take your students around the world!
The first web-application where teachers find unique content from all around the world, and ready made activities that fit your curriculum!
The Touchable Earth Difference
Experience the world in-first person and access 25 communities from around the world
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Features and Benefits
Turn lessons into quests!
Pick the clips, activities and resources you like and create a custom quest for your classroom
  • Curriculum-aligned
  • Clips from kids talking in first person from 25 places around the world
Blended classroom
Gamified activities that hone cross-disciplinary skills allow students to learn independently in-n-out of the classroom!
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Use across subjects

Useful across a variety of subjects

25+ places

25+ places and more added every term

Gamified activities

Gamified activities + leaderboard!

Flipped classroom

Flipped classroom philosophy

Similarities over differences

Similarities over differences



High quality resources at your fingertips
Explore our library of lessons, clips, activities, photos, discussion points, group activities, printables and more to create the perfect lesson every time
Teacher Approved
Assign activities and lessons in app, you are always one click away from showing your students the world
Less time lesson-planning,
more time discovering!
touchable.earth was created for teachers by teachers to be used in the modern classroom. Give your students the opportunity to experience life all around the world.

Kids Teach Kids About the World

Touchable Earth is the first-web application where kids can learn about the world directly from other school aged children. Made by teachers for teachers


touchable.earth is a second passport for every child. It grants citizenship based on shared values of curiosity and inclusiveness. I’m a refugee who experienced exclusion first hand based on my political status. My children are also refugees but in touchable.earth they are first and foremost children – just like yours.

Khalid Albeih

Cartoonist, Peace Activist


The kind of change Touchable Earth makes possible could not be more urgent and critical. It is essential for Peace and Sustainability. School systems around the world have embraced an approach to improvement that is excessively focused on the development of a narrow range of cognitive skills: literacy, numeracy and science. Important as those are they miss the mark. What schools most urgently need is not to get better at achieving the goals of the past, it is to stay relevant in helping students gain the skills that enable them to invent the future, and to do it in a way that appropriately address the challenges of our times.

Professor Fernando Reimers

Director of the Global Education Innovation Initiative


Respect for broader and different cultural values makes possible dialog that might otherwise never happen. I am much encouraged by what I see in the Internet and its applications like touchable.earth. As communication and computing infrastructure becomes more affordable and available, they cannot help but unleash the ideas of young minds too young to know you can’t do that! I wish I were eight years old again

Vint Cerf

Vice President, Chief Internet Evangelist, Google