Josh is playing Chinese Checkers. How many teams are there?

Hi! My name is Josh and this is a Chinese Checker board. It is a 6 side star and it has 3 teams. Green, yellow, and red. The rules are – you can move one step at a time and try to get to the other side of the board, which is your teams colour, before the other team does. And, you can’t move sideways to another colour, you can only stay in the white and black area, unless it is your colour. So, if green is in the green spot and the yellow is in front of the green, like this, you can jump over the green and jump over the yellow to skip to go further. So, if people stand in front of you you can jump over them but if two people are standing in front of you then they are blocking your way so you have to pick another figure to move. Lets play!

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