Touchable Earth is the first app where kids teach kids about the world. Taught entirely by school age children in short videos, Touchable Earth promotes tolerance for gender, culture, and identity.

” The kind of change Touchable Earth makes possible could not be more urgent and critical. It is essential for Peace and Sustainability. School systems around the world have embraced an approach to improvement that is excessively focused on the development of a narrow range of cognitive skills: literacy, numeracy and science. Important as those are they miss the mark. What schools most urgently need is not to get better at achieving the goals of the past, it is to stay relevant in helping students gain the skills that enable them to invent the future, and to do it in a way that appropriately address the challenges of our times. “

— Professor Fernando Reimers, Director of the Global Education Innovation Initiative and of The International Education Policy Program at Harvard University

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Founder Tudor Clee has shared the story of Touchable Earth around the world.

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Supporting Touchable Earth Foundation helps us increase the number of children benefiting from the program


Kolibri makes high quality ed-tech available in low-resource communities

Through iEARN, over 2,000,000 students and 50,000 educators are connecting in global project-based learning and virtual exchange activities—learning with the world, not just about it.

Touchable Earth became a partner of UNESCO Dakar in 2015 to promote regional peace building.