Meher is playing Carrom with her sister. What is Carrom played on?

Hello! My name is Meher. This whole thing is called a Carrom. The full name of it is Carrom board. This game is really popular in India. So we hit it up and it should go through the holes. If you get a Queen, the Queen is for 50 points and if you get a white one, the white one is for 20 points and the black one is for 10 points. So you hit it and it goes in the holes. You’re supposed to hit the Queen. You will need a soldier for it to go in so you get one more chance for it. But if you’re not able to get the soldier, then you put the Queen back. (Players talk)

Carrom is believed to have originated in India hundreds of years ago. It can be played with 2 players sitting across from each other or by 4 players with one on each side.

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