The Motivation

“The primary goal of creating Touchable Earth was to improve cross cultural communication and understanding between children.

That idea developed into also wanting to create a sustainable way to donate tablets and internet to the schools helping us make Touchable Earth.” — Tudor Clee

Touchable Earth was founded in 2011 by New Zealand lawyer Tudor Clee and software developer Tom Clarkson.

Learning Together

We have donated tablets and internet connections to partner schools in 6 countries.

Our aim is to continue to provide support to these schools and expand into more schools as we create more chapters around the world.

We are happy to be contacted by people or organizations who seek to work with us towards our goals.

Girls' Education

“The tablet donation in my school was helpful for teaching and learning, especially for girls who were really excited about being a part of this project as equal contributors” — Ms. Cornelia Platon, Romania.

A key focus of our project has been on female education and representation within the app.

For instance we ensure that a minimum of 50% of the photos and videos within a chapter feature girls. This presents a balanced contribution between boys and girls and sends a message of equality.


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